Veggie St. Pete

We take the guesswork out of finding vegetarian- and veg-friendly dining spots in downtown St. Petersburg

Burrito Boarder April 14, 2011

Filed under: Fast Food,Veggie-Friendly — beatlebird @ 4:24 pm

This eco-friendly “casual fresh” Tex-Mex place with a surfer/skater theme serves vegetarian options including black bean and tortilla soup, salads, and the ubiquitous vegetarian burritos. Top your burritos or chips with five different kinds of salsa (based on hotness) or guacamole. Quesadillas, nachos and enchiladas available as well. Burrito Boarder prides themselves on serving organic and trans-fat-free foods. All cups, forks, spoons, and knives are 100% corn based and compostable. Sangria, beer, and Mexican soda pops available.

17 Third Street N


Web Site:


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