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We take the guesswork out of finding vegetarian- and veg-friendly dining spots in downtown St. Petersburg

Taco Bus July 28, 2011

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St. Petersburg has few late night eateries, and even fewer can boast being open 24-7 like the Taco Bus. This popular joint on Central Avenue, smack in the middle of the Grand Central District boasts an extensive and authentic Mexican menu, specializing in regional fare. Vegans can omit the queso in such dishes as butternut squash tostadas, rajas, tofu fajitas, and rice & bean burritos or tacos. Vegan steak strips are offered as meat subs in the taco, quesadilla, and burrito dishes. Guac, salsa, and refried beans are also good condiments. Taco Bus also has a selection of drinks such as iced tea, Horchata, hibiscus lemonade, Jarritos soda, and Mexican Coke, as well as beer.

Open 24 hours.

2324 Central Avenue 

Web Site:


3 Responses to “Taco Bus”

  1. Elaine Says:

    You may want to know that the ‘vegan’ selections at Taco Bus are prepared on the same grill as the meat items.

  2. depending on how strick you are you might want to omit more than the cheese. yes they are aware of ingrediants, but not of cooking surfaces. only the rice & beans, guac, squash and tamales are cooked on or using a seperate surface. all the other items including the “vegan” strips are cooked on the grill where the meat is also cooked. I still love taco bus! the food is SOOO good! (what of it I can eat)

  3. Best Mexican in town! The green hot sauce is beyond incredible!

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