Veggie St. Pete

We take the guesswork out of finding vegetarian- and veg-friendly dining spots in downtown St. Petersburg

Sab Cafe November 21, 2011

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This tiny upstart cafe brings downtown St Pete its first Vietnamese eatery. Nestled in a downstairs corner of the Plaza Building, it features in and outdoor seating and a hip atmosphere, attended by friendly young men and women. The basic Vietnamese staples are here: banh mi, pho (though likely not vegetarian) , spring rolls, coffee and pastries. Lunch specials are thus:

$7 for 2 Rolls and a drink
$7 for  1 Roll,  a Sandwich and a drink
$9  for Vermicelli Bowl, roll and drink

They offer generous boba (bubble) tea in various flavors, as well as beer and soda. Ask about the vegan spring rolls and banh mi (they will omit the mayo and meat for you).

Open for lunch and dinner.

111 2nd Avenue NE (in the Plaza Courtyard)